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Each of our Leadership Teams are designed to develop students into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Leadership Team is FREE - there is never an additional tuition fee*!

Team members assist within the classroom environment, perform community service projects, attend special Leadership Team training classes and more!

Team meetings are held at the Randolph Annex at 6:30 pm on the FIRST FRIDAY** of October, November, December, February, March, April, May & June

**Special Meeting Dates

September meeting held the First Friday after Labor Day

January is part of the Board Breaking Day

July meeting the team marches in the Randolph Freedom Parade (T.B.D.)

August meeting is held at the Mennen Arena, National Night Out the first Tuesday of August

Assisting Cards & "Points"

Once a student is inducted into Leadership Team, they may request an Assisting Card.

Cards may be kept one at each school.  Students/parents should not carry cards with them.

For every 8 classes assisted, Students will earn 1 Dojo Buck

Prizes for Dojo Bucks are displayed at all dojos.

In order to earn points, students must be wearing their Leadership Team Uniform

(Summer or Winter, according to the date)

Uniforms may be ordered/purchased during application process.

(*Summer Shirt $34.95     Winter Top & Pant $54.95)

STORM:  Special Team Of Role Models

It all starts there...

Starting in the Little Dragons program, students may apply to join the STORM Leadership Team.  Once inducted to the team, team members may begin assisting in classes that are one level below their current class.  (For example, Little Dragons may assist in Tiny Tigers classes; Jaguars may assist in Tiny Tigers and/or Little Dragons; Teens/Adults may assist in Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, or Jaguar classes.)


Students who graduate from one class to the next (Little Dragons to Jaguars, for example) need to wait 3-6 months before they are eligible to assist on deck in their former class.

Students should assist at least once per week.

SWAT:  Special Winning Attitude Team

Kicking it up a notch...


Students who successfully participated on the STORM Team may request a promotion up to the SWAT Team when they meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be an active STORM Team for a minimum of 12 months and be at least in the Jaguar class for 6 months.

  • Students must be assist in a minimum of 50 classes as a STORM Team member.

  • Students must attend Leadership Team meetings on a regular basis, or if unable to attend the regular meeting shows leadership by emailing Hanshi and request to be excused. 


DELTA:  Dedicated Enthusiastic Loyal Teaching Assistants

Camaraderie & more...


Once SWAT Team members achieve the rank of Sho Dan or Sho Dan-Ho and are members in good standing of the SWAT Team for a minimum of 12 months, they may request promotion to the DELTA Team.  


Team members demonstrate:


  • Strong sense of Team Spirit

  • Exemplify Dynamic Energy

  • Demonstrate a Positive Attitude

  • Possess Character traits that reflect the Code of the Black Belt


DELTA Team members will strengthen their social skills and are able to take the lead in tasks and assignments both on and off the karate deck.