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Leadership Team


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Each of our Leadership Teams are designed to develop students into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Leadership Team is FREE - there is never an additional tuition fee*!

Team members assist within the classroom environment, perform community service projects, attend special Leadership Team training classes and more!

Team meetings are held at the Landing location starting at 6:30 pm on the FIRST FRIDAY** of October, November, December, February, March, April, May & June

**Special Meeting Dates

September meeting held the First Friday after Labor Day

January is part of the Board Breaking Day

July meeting the team marches in the Randolph Freedom Parade (T.B.D.)

August meeting is held at Hopatcong Boro National Night Out the first Tuesday of August

Assisting Cards & "Points"

Once a student is inducted into Leadership Team they will be given an "Assisting Card".

Assisting Cards are handed out and collected for recording only at Leadership Team Meetings.  Our assisting year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31, each year.

Students should bring cards with them to class to have the instructor sign their card so

students may receive credit for assisting.  Cards may not be left at the dojo and habitual

'violators' will have their cards turned in to Hanshi.  Students will need to write a letter to

request the card back.  Students with more than two 'offenses' risk losing their

points earned!  (We are teaching responsibility here!  We do our jobs and the students

need to do theirs!)

In order to earn points, students must be wearing their Leadership Team Uniform

(Summer or Winter, according to the date)


Uniforms may be ordered/purchased during application process.

(*Summer Shirt $34.95     Winter Top & Pant $54.95)

STORM:  Special Team Of Role Models

It all starts there...

Starting in the Little Dragons program, students may apply to join the STORM Leadership Team.  Once inducted to the team, team members may begin assisting in classes that are one level below their current class.  (For example, Little Dragons may assist in Tiny Tigers classes; Jaguars may assist in Tiny Tigers and/or Little Dragons; Teens/Adults may assist in Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, or Jaguar classes.)


Students who graduate from one class to the next (Little Dragons to Jaguars, for example) need to wait 3-6 months before they are eligible to assist on deck in their former class.

Students should assist at least once per week.

SWAT:  Special Winning Attitude Team

Kicking it up a notch...


Students who successfully participated on the STORM Team may request a promotion up to the SWAT Team when they meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be an active STORM Team for a minimum of 12 months and be at least in the Jaguar class for 6 months.

  • Students must be assist in a minimum of 50 classes as a STORM Team member.

  • Students must attend Leadership Team meetings on a regular basis, or if unable to attend the regular meeting shows leadership by emailing Hanshi and request to be excused. 


DELTA:  Dedicated Enthusiastic Loyal Teaching Assistants

Camaraderie & more...


Once SWAT Team members achieve the rank of Sho Dan or Sho Dan-Ho and are members in good standing of the SWAT Team for a minimum of 12 months, they may request promotion to the DELTA Team.  


Team members demonstrate:


  • Strong sense of Team Spirit

  • Exemplify Dynamic Energy

  • Demonstrate a Positive Attitude

  • Possess Character traits that reflect the Code of the Black Belt


DELTA Team members will strengthen their social skills and are able to take the lead in tasks and assignments both on and off the karate deck.


Requirements for membership on the Leadership Teams
NJ Martial Arts Academy

Marvin Carmona, Chief Instructor

What is the role of the assistant?

1. Greet students and parents
2. Be a role model
3. Be clean and presentable
4. BRING IT when you get on the deck - be ENERGETIC!


Proper presentation of assisting when on the deck

● Circulate, not congregate
● Appropriate body contact (two fingers to adjust, no kneeling/stooping to floor)
● Infuse and build energy! Clap! Coach! Encourage! Motivate!


Proper use of STORM Team

● Use to lead drills in front of class
● Buddy system - especially with new members
● Fire-Lines
● Infuse energy in class
● Assist DELTA/FIST with clean up


Proper use of SWAT Team

● All the STORM Team requirements AND
● Walking the lines
● Reinforce Self Control - help keep students focused and still
● Make corrections
● Greet parents & students
● Clean-up crew (accidents)
● Assist DELTA/FIST with clean up


Proper use of FIST Team

● All STORM and SWAT Team requirements AND
● Teaching class - spinning plates
● Prep Zones
● Delivering Word of the Monthl Lessons
● Sending/Scribing YOU ROCK cards
● Level 10 school appearance (Equipment away, no clutter/garbage left on AND off the
deck, sweep & mop nightly after any in-house activity - Delegate to Swat and Storm)


Proper use of DELTA Team

● All the STORM, SWAT, FIST team requirements AND
● Supervise and encourage teams to do their roles
● Develop their teaching
● Teach the curriculum - have expert knowledge of what you are teaching
● Be a problem solver
● Know your students
● Motivate students and EDUCATE THE PARENTS
● Be charismatic and energetic!!!!!
● Teach within the class, not always in the front
● Use your assistants as described above

● Always use the Instructor's Key
○ 3 by 3 Rule: Educate, Entertain, Empower
○ Use each student’s name at least once each class
○ Appropriate body contact

Maturation: the more time you spend on the mat practicing and repeating your teaching skills,
the better you get!! That is what makes a Sensei a SENSEI and others just instructors.



● Explanation
● Demonstration
● Correction
● Repetition


● Specific: Know what you want
● Measurable: Have a Plan
● Attainable: Have a Success Coach
● Realistic: Take Consistent Action
● Timely: Review your Progress and Renew your Goals

● Rate yourself on a scale of One to Ten
● The aspect of healthy competition
● Is it real?
● Am I getting better with every repetition?

LT Responsibilities!
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Leadership Team Responsibilities
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