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Roxbury / Landing, NJ

142 Lakeside Blvd

Landing, NJ  07850

First Class FREE! 

(Click Here for Free Class!)

Unlimited Classes Each Month!

NO Testing Fees!

No Upgrades or Special Team Costs!

No Registration Fees!

(Uniform $40 plus first tuition payment to continue after)

Please complete the registration form by clicking on the link above.

Once completed, you will be ready to get started right away or, in a few weeks if you need some extra time.


Your program won't begin until you come in for your very first class.  Once you submit your information, you will be given the option of completing your transaction now, if you like (optional). 


Please complete this registration form. For additional students, please email us the name and date of birth of each additional person after you complete your first registration.

For pricing information for each program and for family discounts please call us at 973-770-4555 once your registration form has been completed.

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