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Hanshi Marvin Carmona

Carmona orign(3).jpg
Chief Instructor

     Hanshi Marvin Carmona, has earned an 9th degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate,  a 5th degree Black Belt in Yoshitsune JuJitsu, a 3rd degree Black Belt in Kendo (Japanese Swordsmanship), and multiple Black Belts in Okinawan Kobudo (Weapons). 

     Hanshi Carmona holds his instructors certificate from Okinawa.  He is a Trustee and Vice President for the American Isshinryu non-profit organization.  He is a Board of Directors for the Isshinryu Hall of Fame.
Aside from his martial arts accomplishments, Hanshi  Carmona also has a degree in Exercise Science.


Renshi Kelly Carmona

Carmona (5).jpg
Head Instructor & Business Manager

     Renshi Kelly Carmona, in addition to co-owning New Jersey Martial Arts Academy, is a Certified Public Accountant.  She is a 5th degree Black Belt in Isshinryu karate and is the Head Instructor of the Randolph Annex.  


In addition to the business and administrative side of things, her responsibilities include coordinating the Tiny Tiger program (3-5 year old) and implementing a variety of community outreach programs such as Self Defense for the College community and her "Real Girls Rule, Mean Girls Drool" bully program geared specifically towards girls and the real life events girls face every day.


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