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2019 Awards Dinner

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Awards Dinner.

It was a smashing success!

The buttons below are links to the photo albums from the event.

Beneath that are the Award Winners, by category.


2019 Assisting Awards 1.jpg
2019 Demo Team.jpg
2019 Best KUMITE.jpg
2019 Best Kata 1.jpg
2019 Black Belt Mindset.jpg
2019 Best Overall.jpg
2019 Most Improved.jpg
2019 Of the Year.jpg
2019 Potential.jpg
2019 Team Impact.jpg
2019 Side Kick Salute.jpg
2019 Heart of Isshinryu.jpg
2019 Creative Instruction.jpg
2019 Karate Ka.jpg
2019 #Excellence.jpg
2019 Special Gratitude.jpg
2019 #Respect.jpg
2019 Perseverance.jpg
2019 Of the Year.jpg
2019 Parent Choice Under Brown.jpg
2019 Parent Choice Junior Brown Belt.jpg
2019 Parent Choice Black Belt.jpg
2019 Parent Choice Sensei Instructor.jpg
2019 Parent Choice Master Instructor.jpg
2019 Tournament Team.jpg
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