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NJ Martial Arts Academy

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Teen & Adult Class:  Ages 13 & Up 

Our family-friendly 60 minute Teen & Adult class allows for a very busy lifestyle while being able to train and grow within the martial arts.  Functional fitness* is the goal - each class leaves students with a good solid physical workout without the worry of being injured or hurt.  The program allows each individual to achieve and grow at their own pace and ability.  Modifications to training and exercises are encouraged so students of all ages will see the results of their hard work. Teens and Adults both will experience a level of comradery and friendship that extends beyond the family and community of the training facility.

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(Mount Freedom Area)

*Functional fitness is a level of training which encourages our executive-aged population to grow and maintain their physical abilities and slow the natural aging process all people experience over time.  Injury prevention and exercise modifications are made in order to give students a sense of safety within their workout.