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Daily Record's NJ Reader's Choice 



Complete the following challenges and earn the prize indicated!

TWO WAYS to submit your entries!

1.  Upload them to YOUR Facebook account into a dedicated file folder named:  NJ MARTIAL ARTS SUMMER 2017 SCAVENGER HUNT and TAG either of our school locations (3 files - one for each challenge, please).  Make sure we confirm/like your photo so you know we saw your submission!  HINT:  Upload your photos as you take them rather than wait till the end!


2.  Upload your photos to a dedicated file folder with YOUR NAME ON IT to your DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE account and send a shareable link to:  [email protected]

Once you have completed a level, you may bring your passport in to be confirmed by the front desk and earn your stamp!

RULES:  All items must be found in the Landing and/or Randolph dojos!  You may use a 'person' only once/only one time  Each entry must contain a photo with the item AND the student (selfie).  Parents may take photos with/for the children and post to their accounts.  DEADLINE:  11:59 pm on September 1st, 2017.  Only one submission per student.  


1.  Selfie with a Senior Black Belt

2.  Selfie with the Kendo Dummy

3.  Selfie on a Elliptical in Randolph AND Landing

4.  Selfie with FOUR different front desk staff

5. Selfie with someone in an XMA uniform

6.Selfie with a Ninja Turtle Wall Sticker

7.  Selfie with a picture of Tatsuo Shimabuku

8.  Selfie with a rack full of belts.

9.  Selfie on 3 different flights of stairs

10. Selfie with a fish

11.  Selfie with Suki

12 Selfie with your Mom/Dad/Guardian at Randolph and Landing dojos.

13.  Selfie with two different colored balance beams.

14.  Selfie working out on a focus master in Landing and Randolph.

15.  Selfie in front of the Randolph and Landing "building" sign outside.

Complete Level One and win a $10 Credit (Gift Certificate) for a NJ Martial Arts Pro Shop Purchase!


1.  Selfie with an armadillo

2.  Selfie with a black belt wearing a white gi top and black gi pants.

3.  Selfie with four different junior black belts all in ONE photo! (Not four photos)

4.  Selfie of four people in ONE photo using four different weapons.  (Not four photos)

5.  Selfie with a set of tekkos

6.  Selfie with a Japanese Eku (Japanese Oar).

7.  Selfie with someone wearing either a traditional or grappling JuJitsu uniform.

8.  Selfie with a collection of TMNT stuffed animals.

9.  Selfie with the 8 Codes of Karate

10.  Selfie with (including yourself) 6 different belt colors on.  (One photo, not six).

11.  Selfie with a photo of Kichiro Shumabuku

12.  Selfie with a yin-yang that is larger than 3 feet wide.

13.  Selfie of four different TV screens.

14.  Selfie with a life-sized Hanshi made of wood.

15.  Selfie with Renshi C's NJ Martial Arts Academy business card.

Complete Level Two and win a $15 Gift Card to Circle Lanes


1.  Selfie with a black belt wearing a solid black (top and pant) karate or jujitsu gi.

2.  Selfie with Hanshi, Renshi G or Renshi C

3.  Selfie with a person wearing a full kendo armor. (Hint:  come to the Beach Workout!)

4. Selfie with a fan (not an electric fan, a folding fan)

5. Selfie with Kiyagi (the Randolph Mascot)

6.  Selfie with Hanshi's 9th Dan Certificate

7. Selfie with four people wearing four different colored fighting gear (one picture, not four)

8.  Selfie with a black belt using tekkos.

9.  Selfie of the demo team doing a demo in public (not a practice).  (Hint:  Morris County 4-H Fair on 7/21 or National Night Out on August 1st)

10.  Selfie with a pyramid 'House of Carmona'

11.  Selfie with Sensei Dale Jenkins memorial garden.

12.  Selfie with a bridge.

13 Selfie with 5 different Mizu Gami images (5 separate ones are OK but must be in/at either dojo)

14.  Selfie with a larger than 3 foot 'New Jersey Martial Arts Academy logo' located on one of the decks.

15.  Selfie with Renshi Grohman and three tiny tigers (one photo of all five of you)

Complete Level Three and win
a FAMILY FOUR PACK of tickets
to the Movies! ($25 Value)